Practice makes perfect

I’ve subdivided my yoga practice into three different categories with varying degrees of intensity. It’s all good.

  • Home: its focus is on healing, stretching and strengthening my problem areas — lower back, hips, hamstrings, balance. Only daily work will allow me to make progress. It also includes my daily practice of pranayama and meditation.
  • Basic: these sessions take place at Bally Total Fitness and put me through a relatively easy routine because the instructors are continually having to incorporate new beginners. The classes realy don’t push me. I try to go to two of these a week with my wife. I also fit in a good aerobic workout afterward. In order to move on to the next level, I need to improve my stamina and strength. These are no charges for these classes since it is part of my Bally Fitness membership.
  • Edge: as in finding my edge. Even the Yoga I classes at TranquilSpace are more demanding than the Bally classes. I try to go to at least one a week. They help me judge where I am on the growth path of yoga. This category includes other intensive classes like hip-openers or the Prana class I took this past Friday, or the retreat from earlier this month.

I am not completely happy with the balance. I’d like to make my home practice more demanding. I would love to take more structured classes at TranquilSpace or elsewhere, but money holds me back.