Slow down and listen

Photo: slow signSomeone told me that by slowing down, breathing deeply and listening intently you could probably reach a goal just as quickly as if you had rushed towards it like a race. This advice came to mind because I was in yoga class tonight and a woman was rushing through her vinyasas as if she was in a sprint. She was obviously an accomplished yogini because she had her asanas down pat. I took the opposite approach. I slowed down my vinyasas so that I could savor each pose, the counterposes and the transitions that bind them together. And I still worked up a sweat.

I could probably benefit by following that advice in my professional pursuits and my personal ventures. Fewer brain cycles would keep my mind from being overworked and my imagination overheated. Mindfulness opens up other venues of inquiry.

This was my first class since Sunday because I worked late Tuesday evening and missed my normal class at Flow Yoga (I even forgot to cancel the reservation). Boy, have I felt the absence. It was sweet to be on the mat again.