Taking care of business

My wife has left me.

More accurately, she has flown to Lima, Peru to take care of her mother for a month. Luisa is now over 80 years old and really needs someone to keep an eye on her. Teresa’s sisters have been visiting for a while so now it’s Teresa’s turn. It’s the only window of opportunity because Teresa does not have classes in the summer.

Her absence means that I have to take care of two dogs and two cats. The cats take care of themselves, except for emptying their litter box and filling their food bowls, but the dogs are more time consuming. I try to give them at least one 20-minute walk a day to compensate for being coop up in the house during my work hours. Their walk comes after they’ve had their dinner. What they want most when I come home is attention.

My daughter, Stephanie, has offered to come by to help out some so my housekeeping and pet caring duties may not be as extensive as I fear.

All this interrupts my daily routines so I may not have the same amount of time for yoga and meditation. I was able to fit in my two weekend classes, in between helping Teresa pack and taking her to the airport. That came after a week in which I had been unable to take in a single evening class because the Washington Metro was not cooperating. Trains were packed, stopped frequently, even went out of commission due to mechanical problems.

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