Taking it easy

I’ve not written anything here in a week and am starting to feel guilty. I’ve been thinking about this site and my practice a lot so it’s not like I’ve been slacking off. In fact, I am now closer to having a full home practice for the first time. I have been doing pranayama since March and meditation since June, but I have never really done my asanas on a regular basis. But due to my lower back pain, I’ve been working conscientiously to strength my back and core muscle gradually, and also focus on areas that need extra work, like my hips and hamstrings.

In the meantime, I have refrained from going to yoga classes because I did not want to do deep forward bends or other postures that would stress my lower back. I tend to tighten up in classes, just the opposite of what I want to do.

The payoff has been more flexibility in my hips and improved balance because I’ve been working everyday. I still have some stiffness in the lower back in the morning, which I usually treat with a hot pad. But it’s not pain, but the soreness of having worked over those muscles, ligaments and tendons.