An honor and a discovery

it’s all about the yoga, baby (aka, rosanne) just honored me by designating my History through the covers of Yoga Journal as one of the top 15 yoga posts of 2010.  Just imagine the company that puts me in: YogaDork, Namaste, BitchesThink Body Electric… and the list goes on.   That’s a lot of prana following through those pages. I haven’t had this kind of honor since Yahoo put my on the site of the day list bacvk in 2003.

While we’re on the subject of Yoga Journal’s history, you can see the full archive at Google Books, with the last issue being December, 2008 and the Practice at Home Guide (2009).  Truly amazing! I have not check each and every one, but there they are, with all their content and in full color (except early issues when it was black and white, plus a color cover).  Is this legal?