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The Magazine of Yoga || Real Life is Real Yoga© has impressed me, even though I have just had a short time to check it out. I’ve been grabbed by several articles that were excellent. It has four sections: Real Life, How Yoga Works, Personal Practice and Idea. It also covers a lot of books, such as Yoga Body (Mark Singleton will participate in a conversation on October 14 so I don’t know what that means since there is no link.). The online magazine may have a generic name, but its content is far from plain: “The Magazine of Yoga is focused on yoga as a practice of effectiveness in this world and this life. We don’t write specifically about yoga as spiritual because that would be redundant. Life is spiritual, being you is spiritual. There’s no place you can go to get away from The Universe.” Strong design, striking use of visuals while still allowing the writing to carry the articles. I will be coming back again and again. Why did I not come across this site before?

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  1. Dear Michael Thank you for your kind praise of The Magazine of Yoga. We so appreciate your positive review. Like zak we’ve been fans of your writing since we discovered your site this summer. We’d love to be in touch. Best Regards and Jai!

  2. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I have been a frequent visitor for the last few years …06 as far as I can remember. Thank you.

    1. It’s nice to hear words like that, especially when I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting more, plus facing some technical, back-end issues that have taken up too much time, rather than writing.

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