A web riff on a YouTube comedy video – sex

New York Times Between Poses, a Barrage of Pickup Lines: the YouTube video mentioned in this article is funny, though it’s not ready for prime time. I just can’t recognize a facsimile of a real yoga class in the video but that may just be an issue of production values. But the pretext of the video is a real issue and I’ve seen the phenomenon in a few of my classes.

Flow Yoga, my downtown studio, gets mentioned in the article because it has a Thursday night social get-together, and even has plans for speed dating.

This story actually opens an ethical issue of human relations on the yoga mat, especially when teacher-student interplay moves outside the yoga studio and especially when sexual chemistry is thrown into the mix.

  • New York Magazine Class Action: Amy Sohn examines some of the more base instincts and sounds Sex and the City, but she makes some valid points.
  • Ethical Imperatives and Sexually Responsible Behavior veteran teacher J. Brown explains his own evolution in dealing with students.
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  • Common Ground Posing Problems (same as the Whole Life Times article) by Lisa Maria [MLS: this publication may have gone under]
  • Gawker Rodney Yee: Caught In Pants-Down Pose? – now we start naming names. And back to the YouTube video.
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