Another medicial doctor slash yoga teacher

I chanced across the Fitness Fixer blog and personal website of Jolie Bookspan. She practices and teaches Ashtanga yoga, and incorporates a lot of yoga techniques into her sports medicine and injury therapy work. For instance, I’ve always considered myself to be balance-impaired and have usually grabbed a spot next to a wall to stretch out my mat in class. But “Dr. Jolie” says that we should not refrain from practicing balance; otherwise, we’ll never improve. In a Healthline entry, she gives common-sense opportunities for balance practice — putting on my pants, socks or shoes while standing when dressing each morning — by working them into your daily routine. It does not have to be something you work on separately. If you don’t practice balance, your muscles lose the fast fire capacity to make micro-corrections to maintain balance. She also has lots of advice for improving back pain.