The Magazine of Yoga talks with historian David Gordon White about yogic myths.

Susan Maier-Moul over at The Magazine of Yoga has done it again! She has an conversation with David Gordon White, the professor of Religious Studies and author of multiple books on yoga and Hindu cultural history. In this chat, Susan and David zeroed in to the cult-like status that Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras have acquired:

By the 17th century the Yoga Sutra had disappeared from the Indian philosophical landscape. This also explains why Krishnamacharya couldn’t find a yoga expert for his own studies.

There is a second part of the conversation. This line of inquiry can be read together with the interview with Mark Singleton, the book review of Sinister Yogis and other pokes and jabs at the conventional wisdom on yoga. I think I am detecting a pattern here.

I had been debating in my mind whether I should add White to my list of required reading (his titles and subject matter did not hit my sweet spot), but I am beginning to see that one way or another I am going to have to get around to reading his work. Damn, too much reading, not enough writing!

Someone has put his book The Alchemical Body on Scribd, which might be a copyright violation, but it does provide low hanging fruit for getting a quick taste of White’s writing.