Reading habits

I have cut back my subscription to the Washington Post to Friday/Sunday. The main reason I did it is that the only real time I have for reading is on the Metro, going to and from work. I can get through the whole paper on the two rides. Many times, however, I find myself leaving the paper at home because I want to do other things with that time. Some weeks, I find that the paper stacks up by my desk. Most of all, I want to read books. I have books stacked up all over the place. I could probably go for more than a year (or two) before having to get new books. On the other hand, as a former stringer for the Post, it’s hard for me to abandon a daily reading habit and the emotional bonds that have developed over the past 25 years. 

Photo: book cover art of Brain Rules
Brain Rules by John Medina

I have started reading the book by John Medina, Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School (Pear Press, 2009). I’ve had it for over six months. In short order, I am two-thirds of the way through. Medina is an entertaining writer, especially considering his academic background. I really like how he delivers a practical message to go along with the big picture.  He published his Psychiatric Times column from on his blog and he has some interesting videos floating round YouTube if you prefer to capture information through audio-visual media. I am always surprised about how the conventional wisdom about our brains and mental processes are being thrown out the window by new science.