Recommended website — and an absence

If I had the time, energy and intention to upgrade this website into something more substantial, I would probably turn it into the equivalent of YogaDork. It’s updated regularly with items on news, trends and worthy manifestations of yogadom in the world. Lots of links to news stories (as I do occasionally), but usually rounded out with additional links for context and background, as well as referencing to previous YogaDork items. It also finds stuff out of the blue. For instance, today it has an interesting pointer to the film Addiction, Recovery and Yoga: “How people have used yoga as part of their journey in recovery programs from serious addiction problems to a new life of well-being and emotional stability.”

It can be snarky and opinionated when warranted, but still remain grounded in the yamas and niyamas that guide a virtuous life. It understands the temptations of commercialized yoga, the hot teachers, the quirks of yoga culture. It is short on the insights into personal practice so you may want to go elsewhere for that.

I don’t know whether it’s written by a “he,” a “she” or a “they” so I’ve been referring to the blog as an “it,” but there’s too much personality impregnated in the content to classify it as a neutral. In any case, it has relieved me of the imperative to upgrade this blog, for the time being.

An Absence: After four years, Visions of Cody blog is no longer. It was rarely updated over this summer, and “Cody Pomeroy” announced this week that “the time for this particular blog has passed.” I will miss his unique voice as expressed in his podcast and commentary. Mitch Blum, his real name, will still blog about music and life. As a fellow mature yogi, I can appreciate how he’s evolved — to the point that he is not now practicing yoga. It requires time, effort and intention to make a great blog, and sometimes one’s life sets other priorities.