Switching to electronic books

I should note that I read Stefanie Syman’s The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America on my netbook, having bought the book online at Amazon. While  reading on a netbook is not as nice as on a Kindle or Nook, it is convenient since I carry it to and from work, and I can dump the heft of a book or two from my shoulder bag. It’s cheaper than a hard copy, and saves my book shelf space.  And you get immediate gratification because it downloads straight to the netbook.

I will probably still buy physical books, but I’ll select those that really have to be in a print format, say color illustrations or large art work.  There are still many books that are not available in electronic format. I’ve always had a psychological fixation on books, viewing them as the distilled essence of knowledge: By having the right library, I ensure my access to wisdom.