Taking Yoga Journal Down

Slate Magazine The hostile New Age takeover of yoga Ron Rosenbaum takes Yoga Journal to the rhetorical woodshed for a thrashing:

In fact, my impetus for this examination of yoga media came from a sharp-witted woman I know who practices yoga but frankly concedes that — for her, anyway — it’s less about Inner Peace than Outer Hotness. She called my attention to what she called an amazingly clueless — and ultimately cruel (to the writer) — decision by the editors of Yoga Journal to print a first-person story that was ostensibly about the yogic wisdom on forgiveness in relationships.

The actual article does not seem to be available on the website yet so I can’t link to it. I have the issue but I can’t remember reading it. Rosenbaum reminds all yoga practitioners and evangelists that we have to keep grounded and focused on what we’re trying to accomplish on the mat and in the world.

A tip of the hat to SoulJerky for leading me to this tidbit.