The U.S. annointment of yoga

Can there be any doubt now of yoga’s cultural influence among fashion elites? A photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine called Spiritual Stretching:

No wonder Americans are Downward Dogging by the millions: yoga can work wonders on mind, body, and soul. In the U.S., 16.5 million people practice it, and it’s thus become a coast-to-coast, Zeitgeist-defining phenomenon as well as a multi-billion-dollar industry. In these outtakes from the yoga portfolio featured in our June issue, Michael O’Neill photographs the movement’s leading figures, from Christy Turlington and Sting to Rodney Yee and B.K.S. Iyengar.

The irony is only made more biting by the beauty of O’Neill’s photographs of yoga luminaries and celebrities.