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Specialty teaching in yoga school

Photo: a woman places hands on back of a supine yogini to help stretch out the spine.
An intense round of backbends needs to be counteracted with a release of muscular tension.

This is our last week at the Thrive Yoga teacher training July intensive. Actually, only four days. Our final activities are on Thursday and then the six students will go there separate ways after having shared yoga for 26 days.

I wanted to mention two teachers to highlight. who gave a two two-day intensives.  I guess you’d call specialists because no yoga studio is going to have the necessary expertise on staff  to present a well-rounded program. Thrive YTT also provides introductions to other specialties (chanting, pre-natal yoga, restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra), but they tend to be for a couple of hours or part of hands-on practice. We had a three-hour video conference with Zoe Morae on vibrational energy. Continue reading Specialty teaching in yoga school

Photos of classes on Sanskrit, ayurveda, and pre-natal training

Photo: profile view of Pierre Couvillon
Outside teacher Pierre Couvillon is a long-stranding member of the Thrive Yoga team

This week we passed the midpoint of the yoga teacher training (YYT) at Thrive Yoga. On Wednesday, Pierre Couvillon flew in from Indiana to deliver a double whammy: Sanskrit and ayurveda. With utmost patience he coaxed and prodded us to give up clinging to our tortured pronunciation of asanas and the Yoga Sutras. Who knew that a language class could be as grueling, focused and liberating as our first taste of leading a yoga session, as we did on Monday. Certainly in two days, we were not going to master Sanskrit, but Pierre’s enthusiasm for the lanugage and his understanding of the surprising logic and consistency of Sanskrit let us appreciate the value to digging a little deeper, and he has made available audio files that will allow us to finetune our ears and minds.

Photo: teacher in front on yoga students on floor
Pierre leads the class through the alphabet and its phonetic foundation.


Repeat, repeat, repeat. Connect your vocal chords with the nadis spiraling up the spine.

Continue reading Photos of classes on Sanskrit, ayurveda, and pre-natal training

Sinus relief with a neti pot at your corner drugstore

I was breezing through the latest issue of Yoga Journal and came across an ad that promotes the use of a neti pot (and ingredients) to clear up “nasal discomfort” (page 71). SinuCleanse, however, is available in Walgreens or any other drug store. I guess that’s just another sign of alternative healthcare going mainstream.There are two online videos — an instructional one that explains the use of a neti pot (though it’s never called that or its roots in yoga) and a health news report from a Wisconsin affiliate of NBC. Apparently, SinuCleanse has been around for about seven years, but it has only recently gone national. The kit costs $15 and 100-packet volume purchase of refills costs $10.

On the other hand, the Himalaya Institute Press sells a range of products for nasal washes. Neti pots are also sold in a lot of yoga prop distributors.

I use mine almost every day.