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Slow going

It is so hard to get back into the habit of blogging and practicing yoga. I come home in the evening, and really have trouble mustering the energy and focus to tackle either of these activities that were so closely bound together for nearly four years. If I let my guard down, it’s 10:30 and I can just fit in a little meditation, some pranayama. Because of some family issues, I did not even make it to the gym this weekend for exercise. My knee injury broke more than my meniscus. I just feel pulled in so many directions, and then throw in the worries of the economic downturn and what it can mean in personal terms. It’s like an unstable weather pattern, just on the edge of downpours, stiff winds and flooding.

Bad blogger — and some options

I have not been blogging recently. Too many things imposing priorities on my life, plus the Democratic convention in which Barack Obama was confirmed as the presidential nominee. If you look at my blog roll in the right column, you will see an updated list of blogs to help fill the void. I want to mention one blog in specific, Stephanie Ritchie’s blog, which details her daily practice [MLS: No longer online].

A yoga blog challenge

Book cover art: Baron Baptiste seat in a yoga pose
Setting aside 40 days to dive deep into your practice
My daughter is doing the “30-Class Challenge” at Flow Yoga in April and Thrive Yoga is going to have a “40-Days to Personal Revolution” following the Baron Baptiste regime, starting on April 30. I don’t know if I can fit the time requirements for this type of physical challenge into my routine, but I am willing to turn it around, and put my own challenge on the Web: I will blog my yoga-meditation experience for 30 days in a row, starting as of April 6 since I already have four days when I’ve written something. As with the yoga challenges, you are allowed to double (or triple) up sessions to make up for a missed day or two so I could technically go back to April 3 if I write two entries in a day with just an extra blog entry.

Why am I resorting to this gimmick? I’ve slacked off my writing (both online and on the page) over the past year because I lost my drive to expose my practice. My practice had become more internal and needed some silence time so that it could mature and deepen. Now I feel that the time has come to re-encounter my yogic expression in words. Hopefully, I will not have many days like yesterday when I try to describe yoga poses and human anatomical mechanics as they apply to me. I just wanted to put up a picture and save a lot of words. More important is what goes on in my head and heart.

Sutras, wisdom and practice

Jacob Perkins asked me to add his blog, cloudshadows.net: Understanding Yoga [MLS: now offline], to my list on online resources. Done. He is “currently blogging the yoga sutras” — it is no tall order to interpret those sacred aphorisms . First, they’re in Sanskrit and their translations can be cryptic, sometimes even jibberish. I have tended to plunged ahead with my physical practice, rather than delve into the sutra’s mysteries, but I’ve come around to the realization that the non-physical side is more important than the asanas and vinyasa. More power to him and may the sutras shine through his daily practice.

Jacob lists several books on the sutras so I assume that he’s reading them. He should probably list Stephen Cope’s new book, The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker’s Guide to Extraordinary Living, which is based on an interpretation of the sutras. I would like to get a hold of it, but I’ve still got a backlog of required reading books.

He also also points to Trinity Yoga: Teacher Training, which includes some excellent photos of yoga postures [MLS: no longer online], blog and a forum, and yogascope kaleidoscope, a very active blogger. Yoga Teacher Training is another blog that has some interesting content.


Time has flown by this week. It’s Friday and Thanksgiving has come and gone, but not without an opportunity to recognize that I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. Both my kids were home for dinner and we had a great evening of conversation.

I’ve been writing a lot this week, but it’s more for internal consumption. I’m doing a lot of journaling to see if I can get back to the essence of writing for myself. It’s a refreshing contemplative space for me since all my writing of the past 20 years has been facing outwards to the news media, the academic community and the Web. I am trying to make it into a practice, just like my yoga and meditation.

Back to normal on layout

As far as I can tell (testing in Internet Explorer 6), I have returned the layout to normal for those who are not using a standards-compliant web browser, like Mozilla or Opera. I identified the section of content in the sidebar that was causing the problem, but could not be sure what was the offending code and why. In all truth, this could have been going on for some time since I’ve gotten into the habit of not check each change in IE. But you can never take code for granted.