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Yoga therapy draws attention

New York Times: The Yoga Ther­a­pist Will See You Now under­scores the recent growth of yoga ther­apy, but also car­ries a warning:

But experts inside and out­side the indus­try say yoga ther­apy should be approached with cau­tion. In gen­eral, a per­son can prac­tice as a yoga ther­a­pist after 200 hours of yoga teacher train­ing, which might include basic train­ing in anatomy, breath­ing, med­i­ta­tion and giv­ing adjustments.

At the end of the arti­cle, there is a para­graph about NY-​​based designer Donna Karan “spon­sor­ing a 10-​​day Well-​​Being Forum in Man­hat­tan to bring together doc­tors, yoga ther­a­pists and yoga teach­ers…” That may explain why the arti­cle got com­mis­sioned in the first place. The event is orga­nized by UrbanZen with Rod­ney Yee, for­mer model Christy Turling­ton and a host of big names serv­ing on the board. Karan is push­ing inte­gra­tive med­i­cine that com­bines alter­na­tive health with con­ven­tional med­i­cine fol­low­ing the death of her hus­band from lung cancer.