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Call and response

I am listening to Dave Stringer‘s Japa album, which I bought online. It gives me another chance to listen to Donna de Lory, who sings many of the backup and chorus vocals, just as Dave did on her last album. This type of kirtan is not for meditation, yoga practice or even more casual listening when you just want to leave the music and lyrics in the background — it is just too celebratory, too joyous to cultivate your inner stillness. Despite the lyrics being in Sanskrit and repetitive, I feel myself engaged in the music.

Music reaches deep

I bought Donna de Lory’s CD called The Lover and the Beloved, put out by Ajna Music [Gone out of business]. I really like it, more than all the junk on the radio these days. It’s mesmerizing. You can hear some extended sampling of the cuts at CDBaby — and also buy it there.

I’ve also bought a couple of CDs by Krishna Das who is much more traditional in his approach to kirtan chanting. He will be performing in Alexandria, VA on Thursday, May 26. More information is on his site.

Why do these artists insist on publishing their sites completely in Flash?