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Call and response

I am lis­ten­ing to Dave Stringer‘s Japa album, which I bought online. It gives me another chance to lis­ten to Donna de Lory, who sings many of the backup and cho­rus vocals, just as Dave did on her last album. This type of kir­tan is not for med­i­ta­tion, yoga prac­tice or even more casual lis­ten­ing when you just want to leave the music and lyrics in the back­ground — it is just too cel­e­bra­tory, too joy­ous to cul­ti­vate your inner still­ness. Despite the lyrics being in San­skrit and repet­i­tive, I feel myself engaged in the music.

Music reaches deep

I bought Donna de Lory’s CD called The Lover and the Beloved, put out by Ajna Music [Gone out of busi­ness]. I really like it, more than all the junk on the radio these days. It’s mes­mer­iz­ing. You can hear some extended sam­pling of the cuts at CDBaby — and also buy it there.

I’ve also bought a cou­ple of CDs by Krishna Das who is much more tra­di­tional in his approach to kir­tan chant­ing. He will be per­form­ing in Alexan­dria, VA on Thurs­day, May 26. More infor­ma­tion is on his site.

Why do these artists insist on pub­lish­ing their sites com­pletely in Flash?