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A yoga addict proves she was feeding her ego

New York Times A Yoga Devotee Finds a New Guru in a Personal Trainer starts out with a confession that said far more than a simple statement of fact.

I was an addict of ashtanga yoga for a decade. It made me strong. It made me feel superior to people who went to the gym. What it did not make me was skinny.

Ashtanga yoga is essentially the mother of vinyasa, the sweaty kind — a set series of daily poses you do abetted by a teacher “adjusting” you by, say, sitting on your back. There’s no music and little talking. It is widely believed to have been created for adolescent boys and tends to attract former drug addicts and Type A personalities; I’m the latter

The author, Deborah Schoeneman, then chronicles her journey through the yoga world in New York City and Los Angeles and her gradually shift of other exercise methods. And how she was able to get the flab out of her arms and fit in a size 6, in between name dropping (“Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna”). She cuts her yoga down to one session a week for “meditation, stretching and community.” She ended the artilce saying:

I left her that day feeling the way yoga is supposed to make you feel: enlightened. If not particularly lighter.

Come again?  Schoeneman misrepresents yoga in so many ways, it’s no wonder Hindu purists are worried about what America is doing to yoga. For that matter, I am worried about what the New York Times’s agenda is with this kind of message. After all, it was published in the Fashion and Style section.