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The Heart Dance –

Have you ever visualize how blood flows through your body and returns to the heart?

Gil Hedley, the anatomist who has done so much to make us rethink our understanding of our bodies by doing the detail work of picking apart corpses, has a playful side to him and he has put it to use in explaining the synchronized flow of blood from the heart out to the capillaries of the extremities and back.

Gil has several other videos on YouTube,  including the now famous Fuzz Speech about fascia and stretching, synthesizing why we do yoga to “melt the fuzz.”  You can get more information on his website, including his teaching schedule, and his Facebook page. If you are not among the 344,000-plus who have seen the Fuzz Speech, you should watch it and let the message sink in.

For those with more time on their hands, they can watch his entire video series, Integral Anatomy, all seven hours of it, which has been free on the web for since February.