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A lapse in yoga blogging – like six months

Amy Weintraub at Spiral Flight YogaI have been lazy in putting up my photos and comments on several yoga ventures that I’ve been involved in. For instance, as announced here, I went to an Amy Weintraub workshop at Spiral Flight Yoga (no longer exists) on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington. This was back in — shock — March. It was a four-hour session called Life Force Yoga to Beat the Blues and Amy (her photo is on the right) kept the participants actively involved throughout the whole show at a pace that would have been daunting had not most people already been acquainted with her work from her book, Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga, or from her CD. But there’s a big difference going through all the pranayama exercises, chants, visualizations and yoga postures with her leading the way, rather than just picturing them in your mind and trying to imitate them.

Amy Weintraub signs my copy of her bookI went to the event with my daughter, Stephanie. The practice room was full, perhaps as many as forty people. There were wall-to-wall mats as a way of defining personal space during the talk and exercises. Although we did not do any vinyasas, you still need an area to spread out in. At the end, Amy spent as much time as possible talking to people and signing her book. I got her to sign my copy, dog-eared, underlined, comments in the margins, tagged with colored flags.

While putting this entry together, I noticed on the Spiral Yoga website that Amy will be repeating this workshop in March next year, which I recommended to anyone wishing to deepen their pranayama practice or acquire skills for managing their emotional balance. She has a compelling approach, and this is a very accessible form of yoga with immediate pay-off.

A refresher course

I am taking a workshop at Spiral Flight Yoga (no longer exists) in Georgetown on March 19. Amy Weintraub will be leading her Life Force Yoga To Beat The Blues. This is the first time that I’ve seen her offer a seminar or workshop in the DC area.

Amy wrote the book Yoga for Depression and really opened my eyes to the power of yoga. Her schedule is posted on her web site.

I have never been to Spiral Flight Yoga. It is just not conveniently located for me. It does have a strong schedule of classes, workshops and services, especially on alternative healing therapies, like acupuncture and reiki.