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Straps have been yoga props for centuries

There was so much information saturating us during the yoga symposium that I’ve barely had an opportunity to review my notes and impressions. One of the things that came up was that several people noticed that many of the Indian temples showed figures of yoginis (female demi-gods, not the current use as female yogis) using yoga straps (yogapatta) to bind their legs in cross-legged position, leaving their knees raised off the ground.  I did a quick search through the PDFs of the Yoga: The Art of Transformation catalog (page 146 for one reference) and found at least three illustrations that demonstrated using a strap to hold a seated posture:

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Like a different body

I’ve begun to notice changes in my body during my yoga practice. For instance, last night when I was in Warrior II, I was able to move my shoulder blades closer together and further apart independent from my pose. My arms felt lighter and more free. A month ago, my shoulders and scapula seemed to be one solid block of bone and muscle — roughly the equivalent of a clinched fist. I’ve commented here before, about getting really fatigued in Warrior II because I seemed to be fighting against myself as well as gravity.

There are other small changes that I’ve discovered. To prevent myself from trying too hard, I used props as supports (a block under my hand in Half Moon, for instance) so that I did not go too far. I’ve tried to remove those artificial benchmarks and explore where my body takes me know. I’ve been surprised. Last night, I skipped the block in Half Moon and accepted the balance with my hand to the floor.