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The Brain and spirituality on the radio waves

National Public Radio Is This Your Brain On God? is a five-part (full week) look (or should I say “listen”) at how spiritual experience can be understood. Listen to the radio feeds, and also check out a couple of videos, as well as some illustrations of the geography of the brain.

The radio correspondent is Barbara Bradley Hagerty, who handles the religion beat at NPR. She has a new book, Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality. There are some excerpts of the book available on the NPR site.

I’ve only caught part of today’s broadcast so I am going to have to hold back on any definitive opinions, but this is a subject that fascinates me so I will catch up tonight and follow the rest of the week.

NPR : A Father Bounces Back

NPR : A Father Bounces Back: “After combating depression and rebuilding his life, a middle-aged father reconnects with his adult daughter.” The audio is now available online. I guess that this counts as five minutes against my “15 minutes of fame.”

I heard the story as I was about to get on the Metro, my wife sighing beside me, “And you told them about living in your parents’ basement, too?” Teresa does not believe in wearing your neuroses — or their consequences — on your sleeve. I could quibble with some phrasing, but it’s really hard to condense 30 years of life into a sentence or two. As much as possible, Allison tried to let Stephanie and me do the talking in the report. Of course, I am used to having 100% control over content in this medium.

When I was a journalist in Peru, I used to do radio news reporting and hated it. I was self-conscious about how my voice sounded, about the spontaneity and quick reactions to news stories, about the inability to correct wording a story once it was phoned in. And I never did it enough to get a handle on it, meaning my angst meter was moving into red whenever I had to do a story. This latest experience reminded me of those days with a tape record and alligator clips.