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Progress report – fourth class

I went to my fourth class on Tuesday evening at Thrive, with Pierre again. I kept trying to throttle back on my practice, to keep from overreaching and getting ahead of my recovery. For the first time, I did some jump-backs and jump-forwards in my vinyasa, but only after warmly up thoroughly. I did notice a touch of stiffness and discomfort in my injured knee. I have to be careful when getting into kneeling positions, like hero’s pose (Virasana) and even child’s pose (Balasana) because my body weight rests heavily on my knees.

Pierre will not be back at Thrive for a while. His nomadic journey will bring him back to the DC area in February. He’s helped me feel more at ease with my injury and inviting me accept the healing process as a renewed exploration of my body: “With the breath, everything you do can be yoga.”

Slow going

It is so hard to get back into the habit of blogging and practicing yoga. I come home in the evening, and really have trouble mustering the energy and focus to tackle either of these activities that were so closely bound together for nearly four years. If I let my guard down, it’s 10:30 and I can just fit in a little meditation, some pranayama. Because of some family issues, I did not even make it to the gym this weekend for exercise. My knee injury broke more than my meniscus. I just feel pulled in so many directions, and then throw in the worries of the economic downturn and what it can mean in personal terms. It’s like an unstable weather pattern, just on the edge of downpours, stiff winds and flooding.

It’s getting close

I am slowly working my way back to practicing yoga. My orthopedic surgeon has given me a thumbs up on my recovery, and does not need to see me again. I have been putting in a daily average of 30 minutes walking and 30 minutes stationary bike for about a month. I’ve gone back to climb the eight flights of stairs of my office building. I’ve been doing some of the rehab exercises. I had a session of acupuncture on my knee today, and I’ll get a massage tomorrow, so I’ve been lavishing care on my body.

If I do a lot of walking, I will have a little discomfort in my knee the following day and it will feel stiff. I’ve also noticed recently that I have a lot of discomfort in my right sit bone, probably due to the hamstring. I can’t take sitting down for a long time.

I am aiming to start up yoga class again next Tuesday at Thrive Yoga. Pierre Couvillion will teach that evening. Although it’s a relatively advanced, all-levels, vinyasa flow class, I would prefer to have the watchful eye of a yoga therapist watching as I move through the poses. He told me he could indicate modifications of those poses that might be risky for me.

I really miss the community of the yoga studio, and also the disciplined structure that a regular practice builds into my life. Even though I should have more “free time,” I don’t seem to get a lot more done. I really miss the big muscle movements from the vinyasa. Aerobic exercise or weight lifting does not provide the same kind of satisfaction.

Another weekend, more recovery

I got to the gym twice this weekend, and put in two sessions of 60-minutes each on the stationary bike and another 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I lifted some weights, enough to make me sore two days later. During the week, I was able to do a few short sessions of rehab.

Earlier in the week, I got my sutures removed and the doc said that everything looked fine and to come back in three weeks. He suggested that I do some physical therapy to get back up to speed.

I also checked in with Pierre Couvillion who recommended that I take at least a month, maybe two, to ease myself back into yoga. Is he being overly cautious? Or am I just an ingrained overachiever who always has to push harder and farther.

Update on long weekend

This past weekend, I went to the gym and got on the stationary bicycle to build up strength in my leg and build up my conditioning. I also did several sessions of rehab exercises for my knee. I worked up to 60 minutes on the bike and felt no adverse consequences. I will have my sutures removed on Wednesday and I’ll be able to do some swimming after that.

At work, I’ve run into two other colleagues who had orthopedic surgery on their knees — I guess meniscus tears are contagious (he said ironically).