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First quarter 2011 yoga events

Some big names are coming to the DC area in the first three months of 2011. For more details (schedule, costs, requirements), go to the website of the hosting yoga studio. I don’t mean to downplay other workshops and events that are taking place during the first quarter, but when high-profile instructors pass through the DC area, it’s worthwhile to spotlight them. You will notice that March 10-14 is shaping up to be week-long overdose of quality yoga. I will update this list as more information becomes available.


  • StudioDC Yoga Center: The Pursuit of Happy Hips: Theory and Vinyasa (3 hours) and Superflow Surf Yoga : A transformative + unique movement practice (2 Hours) with Eoin Finn,  Saturday, January 22



Although I was not planning to mention events beyond March, I wanted to highlight two events: StudioDC Yoga Center – Forrest Yoga Master Classes with Ana Forest, May 18-19 and Willow Street Yoga – Yoga of Fulfillment: Yoga & the Path of Destiny with Rod Stryker, April 9-13, which is an yoga immersion course.

Seane Corn: yoga as prayer

Seane Corn was the focus on a Speaking on Faith feature on Yoga: Meditation in Action in September last year (How I missed this, I don’t know. I suspect it was because I was absorbed by my injured knee). I’ve mention her before in the blog because of her yoga outreach program, Off the Mat, Into the World. There is a podcast or you can listen online, but there’s a lot more to explore that goes beyond the radio program. As a teaser, The video that follows is from Yoga Journal’s Yoga from the Heart and was recorded at a conference. Seane mentions that she practices as a prayer for her father fighting cancer, and that touched me because my brother is going through the same struggle. I was in awe of Seane’s control and pace during the Sun Salutation.

Seane Corn Demonstrates “Body Prayer” from Speaking of Faith on Vimeo.

Global Mala Project

Get ready for the next big world yoga event: Global Mala Project: on September 21-23, the United Nations International Day of Peace, the Fall Equinox and my birthday!! Big yoga names, like Shiva Rae, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Seane Corn and others are organizing it. A variety of causes, from trees to AIDS to ware orphans are being supported by the fund-raising campaign.

The only local DC studio supporting the initiative so far is Little River Yoga in Annandale/Alexandria, Virginia. This will probably change soon.

In Sanskrit, mala means garland or a string of beads used to count mantras.