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Learning from the physical practice

Photo: yogi folds forward over leg
Glenn Buco folds forward at a workshop.

Don’t let anyone tell you that yoga is for wimps, for slackers who don’t want to work up a sweat or for those who are only interested in the spiritual side.

I’ve gone through three weeks of yoga teacher training (YTT) at Thrive Yoga. That translates into a daily 1.5 hour hatha/vinyasa practice, additional work when we’re doing asana labs or practice teaching. Five days a week, plus the first weekend.

It has taken me a full 36 hours to recover this weekend (including celebrating my daughter’s birthday and taking my wife to Frederick for her to pick your exhibit space for Artomatic). My body felt as if it had been put through a wringer while my mind was put through the rinse cycle. My hips and shoulders still ache. Maybe, a 63-year-old guy, overweight by 30 pounds according to my BMI, is not meant to put his body through this kind of regime. I don’t have the recuperative capacity I used to. I’ve been practicing for almost 10 years, so I know the ropes, my muscle know many of the poses instinctively, though that can be detrimental to practicing mindfully — no asana is ever the same each time you do it as your body changes dynamically. I had been trying to get in shape before YTT because I knew it would test my conditioning. Continue reading Learning from the physical practice