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Yoga coming to a shopping mall near me

I woke up this morning and found some good news in my Inbox. A new yoga studio is opening up in my town, a couple of miles from my house. Because Susan Bowen made a comment to a previous entry in my blog, I’ve been unable to find it quickly so I am reposting it here as a full-blown entry:

Thrive Yoga is opening in two weeks. Vinyasa yoga will give you the more strenuous yoga that you are looking for. I am one of the owners. We are located at 1321B Rockville Pike. Check us out. I know the gym yoga gig and it is time to Thrive! We created Thrive because Rockville needs a yoga community and a great place to practice. So for the last year, me and my partner Kim put our blood, sweat and tears into creating Thrive.

Susan makes reference to my frequenting Bally Fitness for yoga sessions. Unfortunately, Susan and her partners can’t offer one part of the Bally experience — it’s free for members. But she is right that yoga studios are scarce out here in the suburbs and especially in Rockville, and the convenience of having Thrive Yoga just five minutes from my home may win me over.