A video treat

Alanna Kaivalya is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor and is based in Denver, Colorado, but that does really matter because she has taken her act to the web in a big way. Her website, JivaDiva.com, showcases her recordings and jewelry. JivaDiva Yoga Jam (JivaDiva’s Yoga Rush Class & Lecture Series) is a related site for her audio content. She has released a video of a 20-minute arm-balance yoga sequence that is surprisingly good, given the low-cost production factors. She even uses her own compositions and performances as background music. I watched the video, but did not have the time to listen to any of her other podcasts, which include lectures, guide meditations and yoga sessions of varying lengths. The video session is intermediate level, if not more, because the emphasis on arm balances, but it’s great to see a teacher really practicing her routines. Alanna does a very good job of audio clues for the poses and transitions, and paces the sequences well. There are not a lot of Jivamukti teachers out there so the video is a good chance to sample the style without going to New York City. I guess the real taste test would be to do the sequence itself. Alanna began her podcasts in July last year.