I encourage anyone who takes yoga seriously to have a look at Dave Williams’s Ashtanga Yogi site. He was one of the pioneers who brought Ashtanga yoga to the States back in the early 1970s. Alan Little took a class from Williams in July and I forgot to flag it here. [I did comment briefy here within a longer piece.] What I really liked was reading through some of the articles posted on Williams’s site by his students. Williams fills his instruction with lots of attention-grabbing declaration that underscore his deep commitment to teaching yoga right. Cara Jaspen recounts:

He recalled the words of his first yoga teacher, who said, ‘Try to be a yogi during your practice, then after practice try to carry your aware state into the outside world. At first this may only last ten minutes, and then you become the same old jerk you were before. With time, one gradually becomes more yogic more minutes and hours of the day.’

I think I am able to sustain my yogic state about 30 seconds after practice, but I’ll get better over the next 10 years.