Bikram interviewed again

This article in the Boston Globe, Yogi Bikram Choudhury likes the finer things in life, is a short piece with a big photo. Post data: And this article, Yoga Fever: Bikram Choudhury’s 105-degree workout is a hot ticket, came out on Sunday in the same paper and is a much longer feature piece that focuses on some of Bikram’s ego-centric rants and commercial hyperdrive. Tenley Woodman, the columnist, ends her piece with her own personal experience in a Bikram class: “The last 20 mintues of class leaves me feeling nauseous and exhausted. I begin to question my sanity. My heart races, my knees shake from fatigue. I swear I will never, ever submit myself to this torture again.” But she does. The article is accompanied by a nice photo gallery.

To compensate for this fluff, here is a more substantive article about a woman taking a Bikram class from the Everett (Wa.) Herald.