Bikram: The McDonald’s of yoga?

Chicago Tribuine Bikram: The McDonald’s of yoga? interviews Bikram Choudhury about his brand of hot yoga:

“On some days, I can see why Choudhury’s tightly controlled empire of 500 certified yoga studios and 6,000 yoga teachers—with new locations planned for Evanston, Oak Park and Chicago’s Andersonville—is growing, because the structured routine is exactly what I crave. I know I will sweat when I walk into a Bikram studio, whether it’s in Scotland or Naperville. I know the teacher will tell me to ‘lock my leg like a lamppost’ because the dialogue is scripted. And I know I will feel clear-headed and energized afterward.”

You will find the full text of the interview Talking with “hot” yoga founder Bikram Choudhury. There are some great photos of Bikram leading a huge number of people in a mirror-walled room, which just amplified the impression of regimentation.