New addition to the blogoshere

Kimberly Wilson, the creative impulse behind my yoga studio, TranquilSpace, has begun a weblog called tranquiliT thoughts. It’s not more than a few days old so it’s hard to tell if Kimberly will have the sustaining power to keep it fresh and active. God knows, I’ve slacked off. Blogging can be a time-consuming endeavor, especially if you don’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer and can steal minutes to dash off an entry.

I don’t know of any yoga blogger who also runs a studio, provides teacher training and has ambitions to do more than fine-tune her daily practice. The studio has an excellent website (not just a brochure with class schedule) and it’s had a monthly newsletter for three years, so she is not a newcomer to the Internet.

I am interested because I am thinking of taking a Kimberly-led retreat this coming weekend at Yogaville in Virginia. My wife and I want to get away for a weekend and recharge batteries, and I’ve always hope that an yoga intensive would help me breakthrough some of the internal barriers of my practice.