New yoga star rising in the West

New York Times He Rocks, They Flock: The Yoga King is Vinnie Marino, a former drug addict and New Yorker:

Mr. Marino leads challenging classes of nearly 90 people, six days a week, twice a day, at the Yoga Works studios. His class fuses different types of yoga that incorporate flowing from one pose to another (vinyasa and Ashtanga) and holding certain poses for a long time while focusing on alignment (Iyengar). The sweat alone makes it seem closer to a high-impact aerobics class than a discipline with a meditational aspect.

In many ways, this piece runs though the usual clichés of personality profiles of yoga/spirituality teachers, whether he/she’s a street-smart Buddhist or a business tycoon on a mat. But you always learn something new. For instance, Marino teaches the actor Robert Downey Jr.; somehow, I knew that Downey’s turn-around from drug- addled trouble-maker to elite actor would have a different twist.