Seane Corn: yoga as prayer

Seane Corn was the focus on a Speaking on Faith feature on Yoga: Meditation in Action in September last year (How I missed this, I don’t know. I suspect it was because I was absorbed by my injured knee). I’ve mention her before in the blog because of her yoga outreach program, Off the Mat, Into the World. There is a podcast or you can listen online, but there’s a lot more to explore that goes beyond the radio program. As a teaser, The video that follows is from Yoga Journal’s Yoga from the Heart and was recorded at a conference. Seane mentions that she practices as a prayer for her father fighting cancer, and that touched me because my brother is going through the same struggle. I was in awe of Seane’s control and pace during the Sun Salutation.

Seane Corn Demonstrates “Body Prayer” from Speaking of Faith on Vimeo.