The Body of His Work

Washington Post The Body of His Work — Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar Visits the West, in the Flesh and the Spirit: “This is Iyengar’s first visit to the country in 12 years. He largely has stopped teaching classes, except he can’t help correcting “when these people commit mistakes,” he says, gesturing to a group of followers who have gathered at Schumacher’s home before his public appearance. These days celebrities like Annette Bening and Ali MacGraw follow Iyengar, whose grandson is accompanying him on this trip. He says he feels like it is time for him to move aside and allow others to become known for their yoga teachings.”

This article came out yesterday (October 19). Other papers and websites have been broadcasting the good news for the past few weeks, but the newspaper material may not remain accessible for long:

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