West Coast yoga scene laid out large

Los Angeles Times Yoga’s rock stars [MLS: Link no longer works.]:

“Although (Shiva) Rea, 39, and other A-list yogis may begin their mornings with ancient Indian meditation and tongue-scraping rituals, their days are frequently filled with more contemporary marketing duties. Such is the odd, new balancing act of today’s top yogis, many of whom have been teaching for 20-plus years and are now confronting international fame.

Riding a wave of unprecedented yoga mania —— fueled in part by star practitioners such as Madonna — modern yogis’ lives, especially in Los Angeles, increasingly resemble those of the celebrities they often teach.”

I ran across this article from August 21 and thought it was intriguing for a number of reasons, aside from the glimpse at the life style of the yoga demi-gods. It also lays out some of the financial considerations that go into workshops and classes. Although the article mentions a $4-7 per student range, I know that most studios pay teachers on a per-class basis, probably around $30 and up. That’s not going to put you in the same tax bracket at Shiva Rea. Around here, there are few venues that could put “80 people in a class.” Yoga teachers do not have to take a vow of poverty when they go through training, and most of them are in this line of business because they love yoga.