Yin yoga in ascendence

Dana Cohen has returned to Thrive Yoga, sadly for a brief stay before heading off to Asia. She will be taking over some of Susan’s teaching load during the Holidays, but she will also be starting up Yin Yoga classes. On Saturday, there will be an extended, 3-hour workshop that will expose participants to the approach of targeting connective tissue, specifically ligaments and tendons in the joints and spine, in holds that last 3-5 minutes. This approach differs from the emphasis on movement in a vinyasa/Yang Yoga practice. In both cases, breathing is still central.

During December, Dana will be leading Yin Yoga classes in the normal schedule of classes, and Michelle Fry will be continuing them in January. I took a Tuesday evening class with Dana this week. She made several adjustments in my Downward-facing Dog pose that really helped me focus on accessing the right combination of muscles in the alignment. Amazing what a few gentle touches can do for awareness.

Dana has been out on the West Coast, grabbing lots of opportunities to practice her Thai yoga therapy, give classes and play with fire: