Hollow, but so powerful

Great tool for relieving built up stress For the past month, I’ve been using the TriggerPoint GRID – Foam Roller on a nightly bases, just before I go to bed. I first bought a more traditional solid foam roller, but my body weight compresses the foam fairly quickly while the Trigger Point GRID has a rigid plastic tube that holds up to my weight. Trigger Point Performance Therapy, the manufacturer of the GRID, has lots of videos to guide you through exercise routines based on the grid. I work my back, things and calves. The New York Time had an article about the value of self-massage for athletes.

While the GRID does not have the focused, accurate touch of my massage therapist, Howard Rontal, it does sit in my office and I can use it whenever I want. I even took it to Buenos Aires because it takes up practically no space in a suitecase (stuff it full of socks). After being confined in a conference room all day, I’d rush back to my hotel room and relieve all the compressed stress.

I also noticed that my strength has increased for sustaining full boat pose (Paripurna Navasana): when I roll my calves and hamstrings over the GRID, I am propped up on my arms, moving forward and backwards. An added bonus since it’s one of the areas where I’ve been the weakest.