A finger to the pulse with Yogoogle

A while ago, I mentioned Leslie Kaminoff’s Breathing Project, and made a passing reference to the mailing list, e-Sutra. At the time, it did not seem to be too active. Over the summer, a few mailings came through and it’s really proven to be an welcome delivery to my Inbox. Kaminoff sends out something called Yogoogle (no longer available), which is a compilation of links to recent news stories about yoga. Sometimes, he will add his own comments, but mostly the title, source and the lede. He is probably using Google’s News Alert
to find the articles. It’s a way of monitoring yoga’s presence in Western mass culture.

This kind of exercise can be frustrating since most news sites send their stories to archive within 7-30 days of publication, requiring that you pay for access to their past articles. In any case, it’s no small accomplishment to pull together these news items, throw out the dross, repeats or shortened versions and put it in a readable format. I know because I used to do something like this for another site.

He also sends out a bulletin board in which teachers can announce courses and authors their books. These tend to be centered in the New York City area, but can still be far ranging. For instance, it recently pointed me to the site of Kelly McGonigal newsletter (no longer available – MLS). She teaches yoga at Stanford.

Kaminoff also issues a synopsis of mailing list discussions, on a specific topic — for instance, yoga sequencing.

In other words, it’s worth subscribing.