Blogging Peers

I found this blog, [MLS: no longer being produced], started up late last year — I think, because there’s no archive listing. Of course, Andrew Bartelt is a far more accomplished yogi than I — in fact, he’s been an instructor. In an additional coincidence, his day-time job also happens to be computers. Andrew is really on top of things because he has already grabbed one of the new blog templates being offered by Blogger in the relaunch of the service this past weekend.

I was searching in Technorati for other blogs that focus on yoga, but could not find many. There is also The Eureka Report that deals with meditation but also has some references to yoga, as well. The author — a guy named Mike (likely story) — says he is “examining ‘tools’ to explore the nature of reality and existence and to awaken native capacities.” He’s been blogging since early this year.

Finally, there is American Swami: “Swami Prem is America’s leading authority on the art and science of traditional yoga and the psychoenergetic healing practices.” He takes his yoga very seriously. He has links to seven other yoga blogs (located in the sidebar, down the page).

Postscript: As you might expect, having spent some time following through links for these three blogs has shown me that there are a lot of other yoga-related weblogs out there. You just have to know how to find them. More details and links to come later.