e-Sutra looking for readers

No sooner do I mention this yoga-related mailing list than Leslie Kaminoff decides to go on a membership drive. Just looking at his site will show you that there’s great input on this list.

Subject: Invitation to join e-Sutra

You are invited to join “e-Sutra”…..a lively, interactive Yoga List moderated by Leslie Kaminoff. Current worldwide membership includes over 1,300 yoga teachers and students. There is no fee for e-Sutra. It is supported by voluntary contributions from list members.

e-Sutra will offer you the opportunity to read notices, interviews, articles and editorials featuring some of the leading teachers and thinkers in the world of yoga today. You will also have the unique ability to respond to these postings with questions, comments, and additional thoughts of your own. It’s like the letter column of a yoga magazine, only better.

e-Sutra is a *moderated* list, which means that everyone’s e-mails are sent to Leslie Kaminoff, who will read all submissions and decide which ones are appropriate for posting. The selected postings will then be sent out to the entire list. Some of the itmes may be edited for brevity or clarity, and some may include interjections from the moderator. You will typically receive about three to five e-mail postings once a week. The postings will create “threads” of discussion that will emerge from your responses, questions and contributions.

To subscribe, simply follow these directions. You can unsubscribe or modify your membership at any time.

To subscribe by e-mail, just send a blank e-mail to:

To subscribe by web, go to: Esutra blog