Founding Spirit

I think I should spell out my objectives here. I am not an expert yoga practitioner, but a part-time novice with no pretenses of knowing much. Don’t ask me for the Sanskrit name of a posture or whether to inhale or exhale or hold your breath on a particular movement. I don’t think a blog is where I should be pouring out the details of my spiritual quest. I’ll save that for my personal log of meditation, prana and practice.

On yoga and related topics, there are plenty of excellent portals, directories and sites on the Web that provide references, pointers and links to other resources. There are people who have put large parts of their books online (for instance, Erich Shiffmann ). Here the emphasis will be on link quality and contextual commentary so that visitors can get a handle on the resources. Today I chance across Vancouver Yoga, a Canadian studio run by Eoin Finn. It has MP3 demos of yoga routines and other resources. It looks like a great place to explore.

In my favor, I am Web-savvy and eager to let others ride on my learning curve. And I am a writer so I do not let web development or graphics get the upper hand on flesh-and-blood accounts of life on the mat. I’ve noticed on lots of yoga studio websites, Flash-based design and professional quality pictures shows the expert hands of design teams. But these sites seem to me to be expressions of PR, rather than the first-hand accounts of the creative force behind the studio. It would be a lot to ask for a yoga instructor to add web development or writing to his/her skill set (There are probably exceptions to this career trait, and I will point them out when I find them.)

As in any good blog, this is a conversation with those who visit these pages. I hope to implement comments soon to get feedback. This site is more in the spirit of giving back some of the rewards that yoga has given to me in a short time.