Keep it simple, Eve

I keep having to remind myself that for most people, yoga can appear really intimidating, complicated and alien. After six years, I love to plunge into the history, anatomy or psychology of yoga, but most beginners are worried that not nailing trikonasana as on the Yoga Journal cover will somehow impair their practice. That worry, bordering on fear, impairs their practice more than incorrect alignment.

So I appreciate a resource that tries to make yoga accessible. Today, I chanced across Five-Minute Yoga, belonging to Eve Johnson, a Vancouver-based Iyengar yoga instructor. Another reason for liking her blog is that yoga is her second career: she worked as a journalist  mostly for The Vancouver Sun and CBC radio, similar to my case. She has a set of no audio tapes of five-minute yoga sessions left aimed at beginners. You can even get it on a USB flash drive and take it anywhere.

Eve Johnson published a insightful review of Stefanie Syman’s book, The Subtle Body, in the Vancouver Sun [no longer available / MLS], which is how I came across her site.