Redo on the mat

I purchased a new microfiber yoga mat from Drishti a few weeks ago. As I used it over the past few weeks, I became increasingly dissatisfied with it. It actually has a slick surface. From reading the product description, the stickiness is supposed to increase with sweat, but I didn’t notice a difference. I guess I just don’t sweat enough; it must work for Bikram or Ashtanga classes. I found my feet slipping further apart in Warrior I and II poses, and Wheel was impossible for me to even attempt, which was a major bummer because Wheel is one of my favorite poses.

On returning to the website to return the mat, I found that Drishti has a no-return policy for mats. I can fully understand why they have this policy. Who wants to buy a “refurbished” mat that has been sweated and stepped on. But I wrote a message making the case that the microfiber mat is a bit different from the standard sticky mat because you can’t determine if it’s suitable for the your practice until it’s been used, until it’s been sweated on. What’s more, this is a premium ($65) mat; I could buy two or three mats for the price I paid for this one.

To Drishti’s credit, they accepted my argument and allowed me to return the mat. Jennifer Rawlings, the owner, wrote back “You shouldn’t be stuck with a $65 mat that doesn’t work for you!” I can get a refund or request items in exchange. I dropped it into the mail last night. I will be placing another order with them tonight.

Kudos to Drishti for coming through. They are an outfit that definite tries to live their yoga. I would not hesitate in buying from them in the future, and I recommend the store to anyone else.