Rewarding myself

For having complete one year of yoga-intensive life (at least 3-4 classes a week, not counting home practice), I rewarded myself with some paraphernalia that I have long wanted to buy:

  • A bolster
  • Sandbags – to work on my tight hips
  • Large blocks – to go with my 3-inch blocks

I got these goodies from because I liked the design of their sandbags, that come empty with an internal lining. I filled them with aquarium gravel, rather than sand, because gravel seemed to offer less potential for making a mess.

This more intensive routine was made possible by Thrive Yoga because I came their web site host and maintainer — in exchange for all the classes that I can find the time and opportunity to take.

My home practice now focuses on strengthening my core muscles (lots of work on abdominal, back, hips and legs), hamstring stretches, with as many balance poses as I can fit in. I sense that these address the main obstacles in my practice.