The pleasure of reading and listening to a vision

I have to confess that I am growing fond of reading the Visions of Cody weblog [MLS: apparently Mitch Blum has disappeared his old yoga blog. Selected articles are now on his new site. ]. I come back several times a week, not just to read the current blog entry (two a week), but also to go back into his archive. He also brings out a weekly podcast that is a ironic commentary on the yoga scene and human foibles under the intense light of practicing Ashtanga yoga, as well as a sampling of his love of music. He’s frequently poking fun at himself, but can equally turn it on others. Because he’s light-hearted and ironic, he’s a welcome relief from my own deadpan seriousness. Maybe, I enjoy him because he’s a late comer to yoga and has a beard, like me. And then Cody drops an insight bomb:

” The challenge for us hatha yogis is to apply the faith in action that we readily demonstrate on the mat each and every morning into all aspect of our lives.” Five O’Clock Angel

The multiple-paragraph entry has several passages that I wanted to quote, but I had to single one out. This past week I’ve been thinking much the same thing. I show up for my classes, sometimes with resistance because they’ll push me to my edge and beyond, but at the end of class, I don’t feel fatigue (comes closer to bed time). I come out purified, shining, glowing with an energy that I did not know was there. And in small gestures, I try to apply the lessons from the mat to the rest of my life. My physical practice keeps me honest and true when what passes for my persona can take me off in misguided directions.

In other words, I encourage you to check him out.