Yoga makes it into the movies

‘Down Dog’: Tweaking Yoga’s Poseurs: “The 22-minute film is a punchy, slick-looking satire of the Los Angeles yoga world, one in which the path to enlightenment is often paved with as much greed and avarice as serenity. The film’s star, Jeffrey Johnson, who resembles Will Ferrell with a topknot, plays a smarmy guru with a bevy of gorgeous female followers, whose cover is finally blown by the arrival of a mysterious student (Chane’t Johnson).” Actually, this picture is just a short because the authors behind it could not get the backing, so they are building towards a full-length feature based on the material. They are also yogis themselves so it has an insider view. The film is was being shown at the DC Independent Film Festival in DC. It is being shown around the country at other film festivals so consult the movie website. [MLS: May be available at Vimeo.]