Yoga on demand – visual confirmation for the learner

I have purchased one DVD about yoga in the past two years. But since I currently take Comcast‘s digital cable service for my home Internet access and TV viewing, I have access to scores of yoga videos. These videos change about once a month so there is a constant rotation of instructional material. Most videos comes from Wai Lana, Yoga Zone [MLS: YogaZone no longer exists, though you can probably still find some video cassettes discounted on the Web somewhere.] or Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga. Some of the other channels way also have yoga programming, and they may have other instructors’ videos for short periods.

The advantage to On Demand is that I can call up the video anytime that I want. There is a special menu system that also allows you to access movies, TV specials and features. I have yet to see a yoga video that I was dying to have and wanted to keep it for the future. It is a good way to have visual confirmation of poses and the flow between positions. That can be hard to get from a book or an audio CD. Even in yoga class, I can’t always confirm that I am following the instructions correctly.

Digital service does add up on my monthly bill from Comcast, but my wife really likes the Spanish programming, including CNN in Spanish and programming from Spain and Argentina, so I would still be paying a hefty bill, no matter what.

Today I ran across an online service that offers something similar: the Yoga Learning Center, but there’s a big difference between seeing the poses on a computer monitor and a TV screen. You can try it on for size with a one-week trial offer.