Another use for Yoga Tune Up Balls

To protect my knees in compromising yoga positions, such as half pigeon, I normally stick a rolled-up hand towel behind my knee, pressed between my thigh and calf, to prevent my meniscus from being pinched.

Today I took my Yoga Tune Up Balls to class and used them in half-pigeon in place of the towel. With its uniform size and resilience, the ball fits snugly in the hallow created by my knee ligaments and seemed to generate more space in my joint. I will investigate what other poses which I can use the balls with.

I got the idea from doing one of Jill Miller’s lower body routines, in which I sit in hero’s pose, with the balls between my thighs and calves, and gradually work the ball position from just behind the knee to mid-calf, giving the muscles a massage by moving from side to side.