I’m a 60-year-old orphan

On Tuesday, the family and friends of Lorraine Smith celebrated her life at a 3:00 pm memorial service at Rockville United Church. It took much less effort that the preparations following my dad’s passing because we did our learning in January. Now we know the routine, the choices and the timing so it went down really smoothly.

But it was not easy. I am feeling physically ground down, as if I had gone through a mauling. I find it hard to sleep at night, and it would be worse if I did not have my evening restorative yoga routine that allows me to wind down. But my sleep is really light and I wake up multiple times. I’ve been unable to go to any yoga classes. Work has ratcheted up the pressure because I’ve missed three days this past week, and deadlines are not being adjusted accordingly. In 10 days, I leave for a week in Suriname. Today was my wife’s birthday, and I bought her roses on the way home as a way of apologizing for not being in party mode.

I am sure that there’s a lot that I will have to process over the coming months. I’ve lost both my parents in the brief span of three months, and that’s a major milestone in anyone’s life. You’ll excuse me if I don’t want to record all of it in this blog.